Booking a table at #GRUBFoodFair or #PlantPoweredSundays

Our weekly street food events get REALLY BUSY! But we want you to be able to count on getting a table for you and your buddies if it's a special occasion or you're coming from far away so the good news is we do offer table bookings.

There are a couple of conditions though...

- We need a £5 deposit per person paid in advance of the day, once you've confirmed your booking we'll email you an invoice so you can pay via bank transfer. Then on the the day each guest will receive a £5 voucher to spend at the bar (no change is given from that voucher).
- We only offer this service for tables of between 8 and 30 people. Plus if we've already got table bookings in we might not be able to accommodate you as we can't book the whole place out.
- If you don't arrive on time for your table we will give your table away and if you don't arrive on the day at all you won't be able to reclaim your deposit or use your drinks vouchers on another day. The booking also cannot be cancelled or decreased in size once it is made as we will be turning other folk away once your booking is confirmed.
- We can't guarantee where your table will be on the site and we can't guarantee there will be high chairs available if you're bringing little ones.
- Once we give you the table (and kick everyone else off it) it's yours until you're not using it any more but if you don't use your table or half your party arrives late then other punters might sit at your table and we won't be able to kick them off.
- If there is a queue to get in to the venue (quite possible on busy days!) your group will be allowed to queue jump on arrival BUT anybody who arrives after your initial group will not be able to bypass the queue.
- Sadly we're not able to offer pre-paid food but if you wanted to buy more drinks vouchers we can sort that out.
- Table bookings can only be placed at 6pm or before on a Friday, at 3pm or before on a Saturday or Sunday.

...and that's it! If you want to book a table please email confirming your name, what the occasion is, your mobile phone number and how many people you'd like to book for then we'll sort the rest out.