Hello folks,

We've got sad news, really sad news I'm afraid.  Over the last few days we've had a flurry of technical problems with the new site, no one to blame just a really last minute run of really bad luck.  The result of this is that we are going to have to delay our opening which is incredibly disappointing for everybody concerned.  We've been blown away by how excited everyone has been and how much support has been shown for what we're trying to do so it is absolutely gutting to have to let everyone down in this way.  Rest assured we're working with the Mayfield developers to make sure the traders are impacted as little as possible.

We need to take some time to make sure everything is 100% up to scratch before we open so our new launch date will be FRIDAY 9th JUNE.  It's quite a wait we know! But it's all going to be worth it. We're all going to have a lovely time and fingers crossed we'll be kicking off the Summer with a bang. You'd be doing us a big favour by spreading the news of the new opening date, the last thing we want is folk turning up at the gate expecting us to be open. If you know someone who was planning to pay us a visit give them a nudge won't you?

See you all soon!