Hello you lot. Oooffff. What a year we've had. We've got some good news but before we get to that we've got to thank every single person who has helped us this year and there's quite a lot of them. GRUB is nothing without the support of our family, friends, collaborators, partners, suppliers and team. It's certainly nothing without you the punters so big thanks to everyone that has come and shared a beer with us sitting on a borderline building site in the rain and wind and sunshine and giant hail all Summer long. We never thought just over a year ago when a good day was 300 hardcore beer & food fans coming out once a month that we'd get to the stage when literally thousands of you lot come week in week out whatever the weather. Thanks for that.

Now. The good news. GRUB IS ON THE MOVE! We're heading inside for the winter to get a roof over our heads and get all cosy. Grub food Fair & Plant Powered Sunday will continue throughout the winter at our new home Fairfield Social Club. Grub don't stop for no one no more.


'WHAT IS FAIRFIELD SOCIAL CLUB?' I hear you bellow. Fairfield Social Club is our new gaff, our new 7 days a week event space which will be the winter home of GRUB but not JUST that. The rest of the time we'll be using the space to put on gigs, cinema nights, comedy shenanigans and more sit down type food & drink affairs PLUS in the summer we should be able to offer the MUCH REQUESTED wedding party venue of your (industrial) dreams. We've got high hopes for the space (which is amazing and fairly massive!) and just like we've done our best to support new food traders through GRUB we'll be looking to give event promoters the same kind of support to start up and develop amazing new nights. If this sounds like you please get in touch. We've already got a heap of really lovely folk lined up to bring ad hoc and regular nights to the place BUT it won't be all systems go at first. We'll need to settle in to our new home so it'll take a while until we're rocking out all guns blazing seven days a week. But we're really excited. Really excited. We're committed to making Fairfield Social Club a really special place and one that does Manchester and particularly it's independent music scene real credit. 


'WHAT'S HAPPENING TO GRUB?'. Stop bellowing please. Grub is going to be carrying on doing what GRUB does. Only thing that's changing is we're getting a bit better at what we do and so we can offer you a bit more like EVEN MORE BEER SELECTIONS, A MUCH BETTER WINE LIST THAN MOST BARS & A CRACKING COCKTAIL OFFERING. We've also got some magic guest food traders lined up. You won't even need to walk far from our existing yard as we're only two minutes down the road on Temperance St.


It's not really fair to open a place like this and not have a big party is it? It isn't. So we're gonna have a big party. Grub food Fair at Fairfield Social Club will kick the party off on Friday October 27th at 12 noon and we're going to party all weekend long until the end of Plant Powered Sunday on October 29th at 8pm. We'll have some extra fun stuff happening over the weekend and everyone will get giddy but MOST IMPORTANTLY everyone will have to wear birthday hats because coincidentally it's GRUB'S THIRD BIRTHDAY PARTY AS WELL! We won't have cake but Runaway Brewery have brewed us a special LEMON DRIZZLE IPA called 'Happy Birthday To Me III' and I'm sure we'll be giving a few kegs of that away. You can sign up for details of the party and invite your buddies on the Facebook event here.

And that's it for now. More news soon. You're best off following Fairfield Social Club on all it's social media gubbins by clicking here, here or here if you don't want to miss out.

All the best and much love